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Jailbreaking is great, but it is also very problematic. When you download a new iOS update from Apple, it takes hackers a lot of time to come up with jailbreaking tweaks for it. Even when they do, they are patched up by the company in their next official update, so updating means having to wait for jailbreaking solutions again. Well, if you are used to using these tweaks it is understandable how frustrating it can be to have to use to stock OS with limited apps.


Download Pirates Apps Without Jailbreaking

For those who have the latest OS with no jailbreak available, all is not lost. vShare Pro is an app that lets you download the paid App Store apps without any cost! The best part? It does not need your phone to be jailbroken, but works either way. So if you are concerned about security and don’t want to jailbreak. or if you are bored waiting for new tweaks, vShare Pro for iOS 9 can be a great solution.

vShare Pro Provides Paid iOS Apps for Free!

The app houses in itself an entire app store that contains pirated apps, so you can download the top ones without having to pay for them! If you look at the technicalities, vShare Pro is not illegal. It is a legitimately created app that has pirated apps within it, so while its functions are illegal, the creation of the app itself is not. That is why it does not pose any security threats and hasn’t been found by Apple in the 5 years that it has been running successfully!

We think it is a great option, and since it does not threaten your security, there is no harm in trying it out. To download vShare Pro, all you have to do it is to go to the website and follow the simple installation instructions. If you download vShare Pro and don’t like it or want to remove it from your phone, the process is quite simple.

How to Delete vShare Pro

  • Go to the Home Screen.
  • Find the vShare Pro app.
  • Tap and hold it without actually opening it.
  • It will start wiggling and a ‘cross’ will appear on top.
  • Click on it and the app will be removed.
  • Press the Home button to make the apps stop wiggling and to remove the deleting options.

If you wish to install it again, simply follow our download vShare Pro tutorial to install it directly to your iOS device or through your PC. Since this is not jailbreaking, all the functions and instructions are very simple and easy to follow!

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