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vShare pro is the best alternative to Cydia and it doesn’t need any kind of jailbreak, In this update I will show you how to install vShare Pro PC. There used to be times when vShare Pro, the popular go-to-app could only be downloaded using Cydia which needed the iOS device to be jailbroken. But those days are gone and now things have changed. vShare Pro PC can be used to download the games and apps, which you usually need to pay for, without paying anything, can now be used without jailbreaking. This means the games like GTA and apps such as PlayBox HD are more easily available than ever before. 

vShare pro pc helper

vShare Pro Helper or vShare pro PC is what you need. This app needs to be installed on your Windows PC and later transferred to the iOS device. No jailbreaking is needed in this process and you can easily access ringtones, apps, wallpapers, games etc. and that too without paying anything. The app can currently be run only on Windows platform. But using a virtual machine you can install it on MAC too. You can also download and install vShare pro on your iPhone without a computer.

Following are the steps to install the vShare Pro PC

  1. Firstly you need to download the vShare Pro Helper app on your PC
    vShare Pro PC install
  2. All you need to do now is run this setup and the app will be installed
  3. You will be prompted by the wizard to select the location to install the app
  4. After that in the following screen you need to check the box saying IPA File Auto Associate
  5. Click Install.
  6. After installation completion on the next screen click on Go.

After this follow these steps to transfer the app to the iOS device

  1. Connect the device to PC
  2. On the device screen you’ll find a vShare icon
  3. Tap on this icon and begin the installation
  4. Once install you can find various apps, games etc. under their respective tabs

Below are the steps for installing the vShare Pro apps

  1. Launch vShare Pro on your iOS device
    vShare Pro PC App Download
  2. Choose your desired app under the tab that says App and select Download option.
  3. You can install the downloaded app by tapping green arrow beside it.

Alternatively you can install vShare Pro app directly using the jailbreak tools by Taig or Pangu Jailbreak.

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