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vShare Pro Mac is the best alternative to Cydia for your iPhone or iPad running iOS 9.3.3 or iOS 10. Why people want to jailbreak their devices ? The reasons can be manifold but one of the central logic is that jailbreaking the device allows you to modify it as desired. We can use as many tweaks as we want by directly getting it from Cydia, the jailbroken app store. One more cupidity to jailbreak the iPhone or iPad device is downloading the premium and paid games for free.

vShare Pro Mac Helper

But, wait! Here’s what we have got as a surprise for you. Yes, now you can have it all without jailbreaking your devices. Do you want to know, what is it ? It is vShare, an  an app and you can download it by using vShare Pro Helper. Let’s have an overview about vShare Pro Helper

vShare Pro Mac Introduction

The trivial method to download vShare is directly opening on your device but that is not an easy process always and that is why vShare Pro Mac Helper tool was developed. So, rather than downloading the vShare app directly to your device, use vShare Helper. It downloads vShare on your device through the use of PC. Also, it can help you in managing various stuffs like backing up your files , placing media to the right place etc.

vShare Pro Helper is available for Windows users only and not for Mac. But don’t worry ! We have a solution for Mac users also i.e. by the use of virtual machine called Parallel.

Vshare Pro Mac Free Apps

Here’s the way to grab vShare Pro Mac Helper

  • Follow the link : trial.parallels.com and download Parallel Mac OSX App. The app is available for free trial for 14 days but if you want to get full version you have to pay for it.
  • After downloading, install Parallel for Mac followed by installing Windows inside Parallel app. Windows OS in not an open source OS and hence it is not available for free, unlike OSX. But you can download a trial version of windows by becoming a member of Windows Insider Program. To do so, follow the link and sign up here: insider.windows.com  
  • Now, download Windows 10 Technical Preview (a .ISO file ) inside parallel.
  • Locate the downloaded ISO file inside Parallel and click on it.
  • Open Windows 10 Technical Preview in the Parallel App
  • Install Windows 10 on your Mac. ( Mark: It is always removable )
  • Moving further, create an user account.

How to Get vShare Pro Helper Mac without PC or Mac

Having done that, now your device is all set to download vShare Pro Mac Helper.

Is vShare free?

Yes, absolutely free.

Is vShare Pro free?

Upgrade to pro version free of cost.

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