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While Apple produces great devices and we love the user experience, there is no denying that there are certain limitations to it. The App Store is not too extensive; there are often features and functions that we want but cannot find on it. In this case, some people turn to jailbreaking, which means you get to download apps from platforms other than the App Store, so that you can enjoy a wider variety of options. We will show you how to get vShare Pro on your iOS device below.


However, not everyone wants to jailbreak their iPhone or iPad. Whether due to lack of experience with it or owing to security concerns, some people prefer to keep their devices as they and stick to the limited apps Apple provides.

vShare Pro is exactly for these kinds of users!

What is vShare Pro?

To put it simply, it is an app platform – like the App Store – that you can use to download pirated apps. But here’s the catch: it doesn’t need you to jailbreak your device!


Why Use vShare Pro?

One reason this stands out from other stores is that it is not like an unprofessional platform but is closely managed and looked after; it is made sure that only working and clean apps go up on it. Moreover, much like the built-in App Store, it does not let users download apps from other platforms, rest assured it is is extensive enough to be used on its own! Not only this; it also allows you to download apps that are available on the App Store but need to be paid for. Here, you can download all of these free of cost!


How Does It Work?

vShare works through a loophole that app developers recently found in the App Store. It is known that Apple provides a license that allows companies to produce their own apps that can then be used by their employees. It costs a $299 certificate to make an app. The creators of vShare have obtained this legal certificate and created an app that has an app store built within it, except that it contains apps that Apple does not provide, or at least does not provide for free. This means that while the original app is downloaded from App Store itself, it functions by providing apps of its own, which are pirated but provide enhanced functionality and a lot of useful options.

Note – vShare Pro iOS 9 released – Click here

While the app technically is not legal, it certainly does look like one and has been running successfully since 2011. vShare can be easily downloaded as well as removed, so don’t be reluctant to give it a shot; it will be worth it!

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